Raise Money Without Fundraising

Dollar sign with upward trending arrowIf you want your nonprofit to be more strategic and financially stable, considered fundraising is essential. But the reality is, it can be difficult to ask for money. Fortunately, there are a number of things board members can do to bring money to their nonprofits without traditional fundraising.

9 Tips for Board Members

  1. Board members with entrepreneurial expertise, can create or evaluate a business plan that proposes an earned-income venture.
  2. Board members with government connects can reach out to their city, state and federal networks for government contracts, grants and monies.
  3. Board members with deep networks can provide intelligence on prospects.
  4. Board members with sales and marketing expertise can introduce the organization to new prospects and leads.
  5. Never forget the power of a “thank you.” Board members can reach out to past donors and thank them for their contribution, which may encourage future giving.
  6. Board members can tell prospects their stories about why they serve, which can motivate giving.
  7. Board members can host events throughout the year where it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about the nonprofit.
  8. Board members who work for companies that can provide services to the nonprofit can offer those gratis.
  9. Board members with solid negotiating skills can work with vendors to get better services and prices.

Source: 9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising

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